The Mission of our Store is offering sport equipments to workout everywhere, even outside of gyms and sport centers. 

Our products, designed to increase your performance, are adaptable to all levels of fitness.

Furthermore, thanks to our personal trainer team, we will provide the necessary assistance to plan your trainings, for free.



Our main office is located in Milan (Italy). Actually we manage 3 warehouses, situated in Berlin, Orlando and Hong Kong.

Our Team is composed by 140 professional collegues, with a big common target: customer satisfaction from the purchase to the workout. 



We are interested in teaming-up with creative people and businesses that share our passion for sports and healty lifestyle. By hosting us, you'll help GoHardAtHome reach a wider audience, while making a positive impression on those who visit your site.

Goaffpro manages our affiliate relationships. As an affiliate you may place links to GoHardAtHome on your site and receive commissions for the sales generated from visitors you send our way. An application is available at gohardathome.goaffpro.com.

Affiliates are able to track their progress online in real time via extensive web-based reporting, viewed on the portal.


Highlights of the BioLite Affiliate Program Include:

  • 10% commission on purchases
  • 30-day cookie
  • Free shipping on orders 
  • Every item you purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Amazing customer service 
  • Responsive, agile GoHardAtHome team that works quickly and thoroughly
  • Heightened visibility 
  • Easy, pleasant, and SECURE checkout experience


It’s Incredibly Easy to Get Started:

  1. Fill out Goaffpro network application for GoHardAtHome
  2. Once approved, post a link on your site and send customers to GoHardAtHome through your links, banners, and ads.
  3. Commission check heads your way each month!


    We look forward to working with you: